Harold St John (1876-1957)

From Belfast, Northern Ireland.

His normal workday as a banker lasted nine hours, after which he would catch a quick tea and march off to a preaching appointment. Vacation time was given to helping Lord Radstock in his evangelistic work on the continent. He mixed in with the highbrow element, but descend to places like “The Mile End Waste” to preach in the open air and did personal evangelism among the street people of London. Finding the poor were not listening to a well dressed man he said ” I got hold of the oldest suit I could borrow…I sat where they sat, and the fleas that bit them bit me; the same crawly things that crawled on them crawled on me.” In 1921, he left Brazil for a trip to British Guiana to pursue an expansive itinerant ministry which extended beyond South America to the Northern Hemisphere, the West Indies, Europe, North and South Africa, Palestine, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Matthew 5-6

Matthew 6:1-18

Matthew 7

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