Albert Fairweather

From Brisbane, Australia. Fellowships at Wamuran Christian Fellowship.

Serves the Lord full-time. Started Assembly Aid Abroad after Bible teaching trips to East Africa. No longer travelling to Africa, he still travels to assemblies in Southern Queensland and NSW to teach the Word, and report on East Africa.

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The Elder’s Handbook

The Holy Spirit Handbook


Hebrews 1-2

Hebrews 3-4

Hebrews 5-6

Hebrews 7-8

Hebrews 9-10

Hebrews 11 – Pt1

Hebrews 11 – Pt2

Hebrews 12

Hebrews 13


The Book Of Haggai

The Book Of Malachi

1 Corinthians

1 John



Ephesians 1-3

Exodus 33






The Life Of Abraham

The Life Of Isaac

The Life Of Joshua

The Life Of Ruth

The Life Of David


The Life Of Moses – Pt1

The Life of Moses – Pt2 – The Feasts

The Life Of Moses – Pt3 – Sacrifices And The Tabernacle


I AM The Bread Of Life

I AM The Great I AM

I AM The Light Of World

I AM The Good Shepherd


The Parable Of The Lost Sheep

The Parable Of The Ten Virgins

The Parable Of The Vineyard

The Parable On Forgiveness

The Parable Of The Sower

The Parable Of The Greatest Wedding Feast

The Parable Of The Lost Coin

The Parable Of The Lost Son

The Parable Of Wheat And Tares

The Parable On Prayer

The Parable Of The Rock


Why I Believe The Bible – Pt1

Why I Believe The Bible – Pt2


The New Testament Church

Studies On The Church


Servants Of Christ

The Deity Of Christ

Christ And The Cross

Christ The I AM

The Death And Resurrection Of Christ

Names Of Christ


The Church In Action

Church Leadership


Attributes Of God

The Word Of God

Promises Of God

The House Of God


God’s Plan For the Ages

Assurance Of Salvation

Bible Versions – Translations


Burden Bearing


Christian Growth


Culture Or Theology





Follow Me



Head Covering

Headship And Glory

A History Of The Ages

The Holy Spirit


Lessons In Leadership

Marriage, Divorce And Remarriage

Paul – The Missionary


Priesthood And Offerings Today

The Relationship Between The Old And New Testaments

Revival In Our Times



Sabbaths And The Law Of Moses

The Christian Life

The Four Rs

The King And His Kingdom


The Levitical Feasts

The Levitical Offerings


The World

Things Eternal

Tradition or Truth

Lost Identity

The Big Bang







The World’s End

The Tabernacle


The Gates Of Hades





A Few Things In Relation To Love

Do We Hear The Voice Of God Speaking To Us?

Knowing The Power, Grace, Compassion And Call Of The Lord And Report On Assembly Work In Kenya

What A Deliverance Is Ours

Report On Work In Kenya And The Call Of The Lord


Christian Life Is A Stewardship


John 14

The Holy Spirit – John 16

The Holy Spirit – Pt2 – John 16


Lessons In Leadership From The Life And Times Of Moses – Pt1

Lessons In Leadership From The Life And Times Of Moses – Pt2


Missionary Class – African Report

Africa Report

Kenyan Report

Report On Kenya – House Of God


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