Albert Fairweather

From Brisbane, Australia. Fellowships at Wamuran Christian Fellowship.

Serves the Lord full-time. Started Assembly Aid Abroad after Bible teaching trips to East Africa. No longer travelling to Africa, he still travels to assemblies in Southern Queensland and NSW to teach the Word, and report on East Africa.

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The Elder’s Handbook

The Holy Spirit Handbook

Hebrews 1-2



A Few Things In Relation To Love

Do We Hear The Voice Of God Speaking To Us?

Knowing The Power, Grace, Compassion And Call Of The Lord And Report On Assembly Work In Kenya

What A Deliverance Is Ours

Report On Work In Kenya And The Call Of The Lord


Christian Life Is A Stewardship


John 14

The Holy Spirit – John 16

The Holy Spirit – Pt2 – John 16


Lessons In Leadership From The Life And Times Of Moses – Pt1

Lessons In Leadership From The Life And Times Of Moses – Pt2


Missionary Class – African Report

Africa Report

Kenyan Report

Report On Kenya – House Of God


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