Doug McNaught


Born India. Now Sydney, Australia.

Fellowships at North Parramatta Gospel Chapel.

Full-time Christian worker. Was a principal at Emmaus Bible College, Sydney. Recently returned from Bible teaching trip to Burundi. Speaks at assemblies, is a Bible college lecturer and is chaplain to a Rubgy Union team.

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The Temptation Of The Lord Jesus Christ


Luke 7:1-17

Luke 12:22-48

Luke 19:28-48

Luke 20:1-26


John 10:1-11

John 11

John 15

John 16

The Lord Jesus Was Willing

John 21:1-14


The Nations

Easter – He Is Risen


The Lord Was Put On The Cross

How Can I Know What God’s Will Is For Us?

The Cross

A Farm And An Orphanage In India

Gold, Silver And Precious Stones



A Victory Parade



1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

God Watches Over Us To Care For Us



If You Ask Anything In My Name I Will Give It To You

Psalm 65

What Does Jehovah Jireh Mean?

What Is Revival All About?

What Do We Do As Christians?

Myths, Stereotypes And Misconceptions

All Scripture Is Inspired



1 John 4


Revelation 2:1-7

Freedom From Anxiety


The Right To Choose

God Is In Complete Control

The Lord In Complete Control

Just A Preamble



There Is No Balm In Gilead

I Will Write My Covenant In Their Hearts


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