Geoffrey Bull (1921-1999)

Speakers/images/BullGeoffrey.gifFrom Scotland. Fellowshipped at Brisbane Hall, Largs.

Was imprisoned by the Chinese who claimed he was a spy when they took over Tibet, where he was a missionary. He was in prison for three years and two months. After this he served as a misionary in Borneo for 10 years.

Below is a list of Geoffrey’s audios.  Click on the title of the one you want to hear.




Godliness And Honesty


Spotlight On Thessalonica – Pt1 – The Worker And The Workers

Spotlight On Thessalonica – Pt2 – The Workers And The Converts

Spotlight On Thessalonica – Pt3 – The Workers And The Church


The Emptiness Of Man – Pt1

A Harvest Field – Pt2

Restored By Grace – Pt3


Jonah – Pt1

Jonah – Pt2

Jonah – Pt3


Poem – The Stone The Plaster And The Sand

The Triumph Of The Word

Caught Up Not Caught Out

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

What Happened To Eliashib?


The Moment Of Truth

Feet – Where Do You Stand?

The Fields

Prison Experiences In China – Pt2

Beloved Of God

He Came – He Comes

Comfort In Crisis

They Continued Steadfastly

The Love Of God

Baskets Of Scripture

1 Peter 4:1-11

The Pilgrim Postscripts

Things Against Us And God For Us

The Finger Of God

The Christian’s Calling

Peter’s Mother-In-Law

Life As A Coming And Going

The Peace Of God

Who Is On The Lord’s Side?

Resurrection – A Challenge Of Faith

Prison In China

Death And Life

That Night In Which He was Betrayed

Teaching In Earlier Life

Prison Experiences In China – Pt3

Paul’s Memories

The Legacy Of The Crucified Christ

David And Goliath


The Times Of Elijah

The Preaching Of The Cross

Almsgiving, Praying And Fasting

The Coming Again Of Our Lord Jesus Christ


A First Hand Faith – Pt1

Faith’s Response To God’s Light – Pt2

Faith That Works By Love – Pt3


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