Ian Irvine


From Brisbane, Australia. Fellowships at Salisbury Gospel Hall, after many years with the Corinda Christian Assembly.

A well known and respected Bible teacher. He ran a radio program called Sacred Half Hour, which was the longest running radio program in Australia. Recordings of some of these programs are on this site.

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Psalm 91

Psalm 40

The Coming Again Of The Lord Jesus

Suffering With Christ In His Rejection


David’s Life And Psalms – Pt1

David’s Life And Psalms

poor sound – David’s Life And Psalms


The Lamb To Slaughter Led

The Cross Divides


The Two Marys And Two Josephs

The Head Covering


Others (different to the recording above)

The Lord Standing

Why Are There Mysteries In The Life Of Believers?


The Gospel Of The Kingdom

Micah 6:8, Genesis 14

The Counsel Of Reconcilliation – Euodias And Syntche

Use The Gifts Given

I Go, Prepare And Come Again


David Chased

God’s King

Sacred Half Hour

Waiting, Longing And Looking


The Second Coming Of Christ – Pt1a

The Second Coming Of Christ – Pt1b

The Second Coming Of Christ – Pt2

The Second Coming Of Christ – Pt3


bad sound – Psalm 19:9 – Pt1

bad sound – Psalm 19.9 – Pt2


Consecration – Pt1

Consecration Of Service – Pt2

Consecration – Pt3

Consecration – Pt4


A More Excellent Name

The Incarnation

A Psalm Of Temptation


Building With Nehemiah – Pt1

Building With Nehemiah – Pt2

Building With Nehemiah – Pt3


The Parable Of The Householder

The Church As The Bride

The Mystery Of Suffering

Does God Care?

Authority And Kingdom



An Introduction To Two Advents

The Rapture Of The Believers

Four Questions By Four Disciples And The Great Tribulation

The Man Of Sin And The Battle Of Armageddon

An Overview Of The End Times

The Coming Of The Lord – Pt6 – The Lord’s Return As King And The Nation Of Israel

The Coming Of The Lord – Pt7 – Reigning In The Millennial Kingdom

Living In Anticipation


Two Advents Of The Coming Of The Lord Jesus Christ

The Parable Of The Labourers In The Vineyard

The Rapture Of The Church

poor sound – How The Messiah Will Fight Against The Nations

Saul And David


poor sound – The Great Tribulation And The Mark Of The Beast

The Battle Of Armageddon

poor sound – Changes In The Holy Land

Do Those Who Delay To Trust In Christ Have A Second Chance?


Temptations Of The Lord By Satan

poor sound – The Resurrection Of Dead People And The Rapture Of The Living

Philippians 2

Why Did God Let This Happen To Me?


Types Of Gifts – Pt1

Development of Gifts – Pt2


Gifts – Pt1 – The Parable Of The Talents

Gifts – Pt2 – The Parable Of The Pounds


The Blessed Hope And Signs Of End Times

Song Of Solomon 1:6

Why A Sister Wears A Covering?

The Sister’s Role In The Church


The Cross, The Tomb And The Risen Christ

God And Abraham

Who Will Be Able To Stand?



The Principles Of Covering


John’s Vision Of Heaven – Pt1

The Coming Of The Lord – Glimpses Of Heaven In Revelation 4-5 – Pt2

Bethany, Mary, Martha And Lazarus – Pt3

Satan Bound And Saints Reigning – Pt4

2 Timothy 1:11-12 – Pt5


Consecration And Headcovering

Rennie And Bruce The Newfoundland Dog

Cross Bearing

Going Back To The World

Consecration – Melchisedec

The Companionship Of The Lord Jesus Christ – Sir Ernest Shackleton Of The Antarctic

A Mountain Apart


David – Persecuted But Not Forsaken – Pt1

David – The Cave Of Adullam – Pt2

David – In Ziph – Pt3


Equipped To Serve – Pt1

Types Of Gifts – Pt2

Equipped To Serve – Pt3


The Rapture Of The Saints – Pt1

After The Rapture – Pt2

The Tribulation Period – Pt3

The Tribulation – Pt4

The Final World Holocaust – Pt5


The Lord’s Table – Pt1

Worship – Pt2


The Last Evening Of Our Saviour’s Life

Questions Of The Disciples

The Marriage Of Lamb


Nehemiah – Pt1

Nehemiah – Pt2


In The Fullness Of Time

The Beauties Of Our Redeemer


The Rapture – Pt1

The Rapture – Pt2

The Rapture – Pt3


The Functions Of Elders

The Challenge Of Christian Maturity

Building With Nehemiah – Pt2 – Building Together



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