Jim Flanigan (1930-2013)


From Belfast, Northern Ireland. Fellowshipped at Parkgate Assembly.

Has preached the Word in many countries, including the British Isles, USA, Canada, Australia and Israel. He had a special interest in Israel.


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The Loveliness Of Christ

Christ – His High Priestly Ministry

Christ – Signs Of His Coming


The Fellowship Of Saints

The Ministry Of Angels

The Memorial Supper

The Holy Spirit – His Purpose And Ministry


Will You Yield To The King – Gospel

Israel Today

The Nation’s Sin And Confession

The Baptism Of Believers

The Holy Spirit

The King Of Kings

The Son Of Mary


Jehovah’s Song Of The Vineyard – Pt1

Messiah’s Anointing And Authority – Pt2

The Service Of Jehovah’s Servant – Pt3

The Servant And His Mission – Pt4

Messianic Suffering And Reward – Pt5


The Wonderful Word Of God


The Devil – Pt3

The King – Pt4

The Comforter – Pt5

Gifts – Pt6

The Advocate – Pt7

The Rapture – Pt8

The Bema – Pt9


The Ministry Of The Comforter To Four Persons

On The Road To Emmaus


bad sound – The Ambassador – The King – Pt1

bad sound – The Advent – The King – Pt2

bad sound – The Anointing – The King – Pt3

bad sound – The Attributes – The King – Pt4

bad sound – The Agony – The King – Pt5

bad sound – The Authority – The King – Pt6


Gethsemane To Golgotha – sound bad at end

The Son Of God – incomplete




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