John Skinner


Born Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Now Brisbane.

Was a missionary to Bolivia from 1978-2003. They worked among the Yuminawa people, then moved to Cochabamba.


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Stewardship – Pt1A – Introduction And Time

Stewardship – Pt1B – Introduction And Time

Stewardship – Pt2 – Time

poor sound – Stewardship – Pt3 – Possessions

Stewardship – Pt4 – Spiritual Gifts

Stewardship – Pt5 – Your Body


God Spoke

Lay Up Treasure


The Challenge Of Evangelism – Pt1 – Where Am I Going?

The Challenge Of Evangelism – Pt2 – Prayer And Fasting

The Challenge Of Evangelism – Pt3 – The Power Of Love

The Challenge Of Evangelism – Pt4 – Commendation

The Challenge Of Evangelism – Pt5 – Forsaking All

Questions, Answers And Testimonies – Pt6

Questions, Answers And Testimonies – Pt7

Questions, Answers And Testimonies – Pt8

Questions, Answers And Testimonies – Pt9


Missionary Report On The Lord’s Work In Bolivia

Skit then Report About The Work In Bolivia

Report On Bolivia

Report On Missionary Work In Bolivia


The Year Of Jubilee

How Great Thou Art

Go And Do Likewise


Prayer – Pt1

Prayer – Pt2


Discipleship – Pt1

Discipleship – Pt2

Discipleship – Pt3


The Victorious Christian Life – Pt1

The Victorious Christian Life – Pt2

The Victorious Christian Life – Pt3


The Beatitudes

Go And Do Thou Likewise

Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing

Stewardship Of Spiritual Gifts

The Power Of Prayer


Missionary Work – Pt1

Missionary Work – Pt2 – Experiences

Missionary Work – Pt3


Gospel – John 10:1-18,27-31

James The Son Of Zebedee

Missionary Talks

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